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Wynn Macau FountainWynn Macau's fountain show, developed by the same company that produced Bellagio's dancing water exhibition, has a few new tricks. Submerged lenses throw a variety of colors into the lights and water and there also are pyrotechnic effects to bring bursts of flame to the presentation in the 800,000-gallon lake.

The Fountains of the Performance Lake At Wynn Macau

The Fountains of the Performance Lake at Wynn Macau resides in a grand lake in front of the Wynn Resort in Macau. Its commanding presence and vibrantly kinetic expressions provide joyful and fascinating entertainment for hotel guests, as well as visitors strolling around the entrance grounds and nearby boulevard. As you approach the hotel the feature's performers greet you - lofty plumes of water and fire, graceful elegant streams, and dazzling bursts of color and light, all dancing to the music permeating the lake’s lush surroundings.

Wynn Macau Fountains at Performance LakeBeneath the placid surface of the lake, the water feature houses of over 200 water nozzles and shooters, 1,000 individually controlled colored lights and seven imposing fire experiences. The array of gestures, light, color, and the simplicity of the layout allows for a choreographic masterpiece capable of expressing a complexity of moods, rhythms and emotions ranging from delicate variations to surreal moments to dramatic and arresting events. This enables the fountain to interpret and perform to a breadth of musical styles. From lyrical sweeps to the robust precision of vertical jets, its water elements arise from the basin to capture both the subtlety and grandeur of the music they accompany. The addition of color through programmable light washes the movements in another layer of emotion. Bursts of fire punctuate the choreography during passionate phrases, adding a primal heat, light, and immediacy to the experience. The selection of musical works chosen by Mr. Wynn for the fountain's performance ranges from classical pieces to popular music and Broadway show tunes. The result is a rich and dynamic collection of performances in water, light, color and fire, each unique and expressive of its own musical character.

To experience the Wynn Fountain at the Wynn Resort Macau is to immerse you in a sea of beauty, wonder, and emotion. It is a compelling and highly personal encounter that captivates and inspires, leaving the visitor with a memory of elation and joy.

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