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Macau TowerNot for anyone who has a fear of heights, the famed Macau Tower, also known as Macau Sky Tower, offers a breathtaking birds-eye view over the city. It was built on a vision when, on a visit to Auckland, New Zealand, Macau casino billionaire Stanley Ho Hung-Sun was impressed by the Sky Tower in Auckland. He returned home and commissioned a similar one to be built in Macau. Construction work started in 1998, and the tower was officially opened on December 19, 2001. It is similar in design to the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas, Nevada. The tower measures 338 m (1,109 ft) in height from ground level to the highest point.

When you visit, you’ll be able to go to the top to the the observation deck that has panoramic views. Watch out! Sections of the Observation Lounge are fitted with glass floor letting you see the ground beneath your feet - 223m away! Step on them if you're brave enough and feel like you're walking on air. In addition, there are restaurants, theaters, and shopping malls. Be sure not to miss the Skywalk X, a thrilling walking tour around the outer rim. It offers the best view of Macau and in recent years has been used for bungee jumping.

At 233 meters, the Macau Tower's tethered "skyjump" from the tower's outer rim is the highest in the world. The tower is one of the members of the World Federation of Great Towers. Besides being used for observation and entertainment, the tower is also used for telecommunications and broadcasting.

Glass fronted elevators are in place so you won't miss a moment of the spectacular view as you fly to the top in these high speed lifts - check out Macau with a view like no other!. Entrance and lift lobby: begin your journey in the lobby below the Convention Centre

Macau Tower Bungee JumpMacau Tower Hours
10am - 9pm (weekdays)
9am - 9pm (weekends and public holidays)

Macau Tower Admission Prices
Observation Lounge(Level 58) and Outdoor Observation Deck(Level 61)

MOP 80 per person

Senior Citizens
(Age 65 or above) MOP 40 per person

(Age 11 or under) MOP 40 per person

(Under Age 3) Free of charge

Group tickets are available from your travel agency.

Macau Tower Address
Largo da Torre de Macau
Macau, SAR
Tel: (853) 2893 3339
Fax: (853) 2896 0103

For media enquiry only
Name: Eric Yau
Title: PR & Communications Assistant
Tel: (852) 2859 8657
Fax: (852) 2859 2156

Web Site /

Macau Tower Restaurants

Macau Tower Adventures

Macau Tower Bungy Jump

The World's Highest Bungy Jump at Macau Tower will take its guests on a free fall at a speed of up to 200km/h for the ultimate extreme journey! Plunging from a platform 233m high, challengers will experience a 4-5 second freefall before stretching the 50 meter bungy cord nearly four times its unloaded length and rebounding at approximately 30 meters above the ground. Using a guide cable system, bungy jumpers will be able to safely experience a few rebounds before slowly landing onto a specially designed airbag.

Be a part of the Guinness World Record and show everyone you have what it takes!

Macau TowerMast Climb the Macau Tower

Conquer Macau's highest summit, at 338 meters, and stand at the top of the world's 10th tallest free-standing tower by climbing 100 meters up the mast's vertical ladders. The ascent and descent takes approximately 2 hours and is not for the unfit or faint-hearted. Maximum height exposure and best views of Macau guaranteed.

Macau Tower is the One and Only free-standing tower in the world that takes people of the public to its very top. Advanced booking for this experience of a lifetime is highly recommended. Please call 853-9888 656 for enquiries and bookings.

Macau Tower Sky Jump

Taking off from the outer rim of Macau Tower 233 m aboveground, the SkyJump will take guests on a 20 second flight over the breathtaking cityscape of Macau. The adventure is an astounding 41 meters higher than the only other SkyJump in the world at Sky Tower Auckland, and is enlisted as the World¡¦s Highest Commercial Decelerator Descent under the Guinness World Records.

Based upon the principle of 'fan descenders', a technology used in skydiving training and in performing 'falling stunts' in movies, the SkyJump lets its guests fly through air at 75km/h in 20 seconds before decelerating to a comfortable landing speed upon reaching ground.

This exciting attraction, designed and operated by two of the world's greatest adventure master-minds, AJ Hackett and Waitomo Adventures, is taking the altitude limit of similar adventures to a new height!

Macau Tower SkywalkMacau Tower Skywalk X

Look! No handrail! Very thrilling walk around the main outer rim of the tower, 233 meters above ground. Safety is guaranteed by a world-first overhead rail system. Available individually or in group.

Macau Tower Long Ironwalk

This walk is the Ironwalk with a tricky extension. The challenge added is a true test of nerves. On this new vertical version of Ironwalk, you will scramble up the shaft and legs of the Tower, up to a height of 18 metres.

*Open on weekends and public holidays only

Macau Tower Long Flying Fox

Fly through the air on a 70 meter zip line that shoots out of the tower leg into a large net. Exciting and just challenging enough at 11 meters high, this flight over the Adventure Zone area is a favourite of the young and the young-at-heart.

*Open on weekends and public holidays only

Macau Tower Sport Climbing

Discover the spiderman in you. Climb 32 meters up the concrete shaft of the tower, probably the world's highest artificial climbing wall. Choice of 3 routes of various difficulty.

*Open on weekends and public holidays only

Macau Tower Bungy Trampoline

Bounce, twist and flip on a trampoline with up to 4 friends. Secured by a harness and bungy cord system, you're free to show off your amazing acrobatic skills with daring flips and twists. You'll really jump for joy on this fun ride!

*Open on weekends and public holidays only

Macau Tower Activity Prices
Price list (per person) $ = MOP = HK$

Solo Climber (include certificate and exclusive Mast Climb T-Shirt) $888

Souvenir of your Mast Climb :
CD $300
Photo $100
DVD $300
CD + Photo $349
CD + DVD $499
DVD + Photo $400
Full Package (Mast Climb + CD + DVD + Photo + T-shirt) $1,437

Macau Tower Bungy Jump (includes certificate, membership card & exclusive Bungy Jump T-shirt) $888
2nd Jump $488

Souvenir of your Bungy Jump :
CD $150
Photo $199
DVD $199
CD + Photos $299
CD + DVD $299
DVD + Photo $349
Full Package (Bungy Jump + CD + DVD + Photo + T-shirt) $1,249
Bungy Jump + SkyJump (includes Bungy Jump & SkyJump certificates and membership cards, with choice of Bungy Jump or SkyJump execlusive T-shirt) $1,188

SkyJump (includes certificate, membership card & exclusive T-shirt) $588
2nd Jump (same day) $199
2nd Jump (different day) $299

Tandem SkyJump (includes certificate, membership card & exclusive T-shirt) $1,088 per a group of 2 persons
(2 persons only, total weight not to exceed 120kg)

Souvenir of your SkyJump & Tendem SkyJump :
CD $100
Photo $120
DVD $199
CD + Photo $199
CD + DVD $279
DVD + Photo $299
Full Package (SkyJump + CD + DVD + Photo + T-shirt) $888
Full Package (Tandem SkyJump + CD + DVD + Photo + T-shirt) $1,886 per a group of 2 persons

CD (includes "Your SkyJump" activity photos) $100
CD (2 Jumpers in 1CD) $170
CD (3 Jumpers in 1CD) $240
CD (4 Jumpers in 1CD) $300
CD (5 Jumpers in 1CD) $350

*Add additional jumper to DVD for $100 (Maximum 5 jumpers per DVD and must be purchased prior to jumps)

Package A
Skywalk X (includes certificate and membership card) $248
65 years old and above and children age 11 or below $124

Package B
Skywalk X (includes certificate, membership card and T-shirt) $288
65 years old and above and children age 11 or below $164

Souvenir of your Skywalk X :
CD $100
Photo $50
CD + Photo $120
Full Package (SkyWalk X + CD + DVD + Photo + T-shirt) $418

CD (includes "Your SkyWalk X" activity photos) $100
CD (2 walkers in 1 CD) $170
CD (3 walkers in 1 CD) $240
CD (4 walkers in 1 CD) $300
CD (5 walkers in 1 CD) $350

*Above price does not include tower entry ticket
*Photo (includes print photo & a folder with certificate)
*CD (includes all of your activity photos)
*DVD (includes your video and bonus AJ Hackett Extreme Activities)
*Above prices are subject to change without prior notice
*Present our membership card and receive a 20% discount off all AJ Hackett Operation World Wide

High Activities are open 7 days a week

Company or group, Team Bonding exercise, for more information :
Please call us at tel : (853) 9888 656 or email us at

Macau Tower Retail Stores:

  • Warner Brothers Studio Store - Macau
    The 3,000 sq.ft. store offers a diverse assortment of quality merchandise including gift & premium, stationery, apparel and accessory items.
    Lower Ground Level, Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre
    Shop Tel: (853) 2896 9180
    Business Hours: Monday to Sunday -- 11:00am - 8:00pm

  • Toys "R" Us
    The first Toys"R"Us store in Macau carries more than 3,500 items across hundreds of categories of toys.
    Location: Ground Level, Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre
    Shop Tel: (853) 2896 6848
    Business Hours: Monday to Sunday -- 11:00am - 8:00pm

  • Gift Matters
    Located at the lower ground floor arcade as well as the Level 58 Observation Deck, Gift Matters specializes in providing Macau Tower souvenirs, licensed character products and gifts and premiums. The unique range of self-developed gifts done in a Macau heritage style is the most popular of all the souvenirs and make great mementos of your visit to Macau.
    Location: Lower Ground Level, Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre
    Shop Tel: (853) 2896 5951
    Location: T58 Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre
    Shop Tel: (853) 2896 3932

    Business Hours: Monday to Sunday -- 11:00am - 8:00pm

  • Cubs Land
    Located at the lower ground floor of the Macau Tower, the 1,840 sq ft Cub's Land houses over 30 machines, consisting of video games, prize machines, kiddie rides and photo machines that attract kids, teenagers, and adults. A wide selection of over 60 types of prizes are available for customers to win.

    Location: Lower Ground Level, Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre
    Business Hours: Monday to Sunday - 11:00am - 8:00pm

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Macau Museum
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